We bring on-site personal training to your doorstep. Inquire on how Traveling Trainers can take you to new heights.



Our 1 on 1 personal training makes it comfortable when guiding you on your fitness journey. With our certified trainers there is only commitment, pure care, and non-judgment when it comes to your health. We will create a plan that is personal to your needs and goals. Also having benchmarks in place along the way to track your progress. No matter if it’s strength-building to weight loss, we've got you covered.


Duo and small group training is similar to 1-on-1 personal training as it allows our trainers to personalize to a high degree, but it also captures the energy of training with others. We offer a wide variety of options allowing you to customize your experience, from your own private partner to group classes or training and athletic programs.


Are you into sports or have children in sports? Are you training for a football team or how about soccer league? Our elite trainers have specialist certifications in many of the areas in the sports world. Most of our trainers have or currently do compete in various sports as well. Our professionals will form a program to best elevate your game with the fitness training needed to boost your athletic talents.


Our 18 and under training involves a unique approach compared to our 1 on 1 personal training as the body continues to adapt and change often. Traveling Trainers takes a special approach when working with 18 and under as the way to care and inspire them are quite different. Our trainers have backgrounds developing proper strength and endurance, teaching leadership and discipline as well as boosting confidence in oneself.


With our nutrition training program, we focus on the foundations of the body and getting acquainted with the necessary dietary changes to becoming a better you. We guide you from the start on how, what, and when to eat based on your likes and dislikes and wellness goals. Our certified nutrition coaches help you to streamline better foods that will give you more balance, energy, and focus in your daily life.

We at Traveling Trainers strive to focus on the mind, body, and spirit through balance of various activities throughout your day. With on-site personal training we make it easy for you to stay committed and focused on your wellness goals. Our trainers are nationally certified and well educated on the sciences of the body so that you can develop into a new you. Be it getting a great workout, eating something simple and nutritious or resetting your mind thru meditation, we are here to assist you on your wellness journey wherever it takes you. Traveling Trainers facilitates workouts at the privacy of your home, office, park, club or our TT studio.

Our goal at Traveling Trainers is to mould healthier individuals in order for them to live more enjoyable and productive lives. We guide and hold our clients accountable with our 3 T's Teach, Train and Transform. We teach our clients the ideology on fitness and health, and train them to incorporate what they learn into their lifestyles. When those first two T's are done properly then the client will see the last T of transformation, which forms into a habit. We understand that life is getting busier and there are only tighter schedules so we take out the distractions of life by coming to you with on-site personal training.

We at Traveling Trainers offer various programs to meet our clients needs. Are you having flexibility issues? Try working with one our yoga trainers. How about strength or endurance concerns? Then you will want to workout with our Hiit focused trainers to help you build the muscle you need or our cardio trainers to help shred weight and get you in shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Traveling Trainers we understand how gyms take advantage of their customers by signing them up for memberships that are barely utilize, which can rack up to thousands of dollars being wasted. We come to you on-site so you don't waste money and hold you accountable 110% based on the time(s) and day(s) that work for you. Our pricing ranges from your need which is determined by you and our elite trainers. We offer training sessions in frequency ranging from bi-weekly up to 3x a week.

Not at all, most of our clients come to us not having worked out in months if not years. We understand that life has its ups and downs and our trainers are here to meet you where you are. We first start with an assessment of where you are currently in your wellness journey, and then set a personalized program with bench marks that aim towards accomplishing your goals.

With our trainers you won't need much room at all to have a great workout. All we ask is just a 6X6 area that can be in either a living room, office, basement, backyard, or our TT studio.

Absolutely not, we come prepared with our own equipment to meet your goals. If you have some equipment on hand that would be a plus. We can always incorporate them in with your workouts.

Our trainers that you work with are nationally certified and certified in CPR/AED. We also conduct background checks on all of our trainers. Trainers have a minimum of 1 year or more training experience so there is peace of mind. You will also be able to choose what type of trainer that best fits your needs and goals.

Traveling Trainers serves the Kansas City metro areas with on-site personal training. We come to you at your home, office, club, park or you can come to our TT studio location. We serve as far out as Springhill, KS; Gardner, KS; Bonner Springs, KS; Raymore, MO; Lees Summit, MO; Blue Springs, MO; and Liberty, MO.

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